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Be Your Own Hero


Wake Up!

I'm a singer/songwriter from near the coast of Maine. I'm trying to help people wake up from the collective trance we've been programmed into. Enjoy my music, and if you like it, share it with somebody else!

Audience at a Concert

What Fans Are Saying:

  • Beth B, ME — “Love the Songs! Great messages! Thank you for saying it all so beautifully!”

  • Mary P, FL — “Wow. He’s really got the lyrics of truth!”

  • Kev M, NY — “You have a powerful message, and it’s something that we agree with 1000%.”

  • Lynn M, AZ — “Finally an upbeat solution in the midst of tyranny!”

  • Dawn B, VA — “Love the music, love the lyrics!”

Don't go around naked!

or do, I honestly don't care. But if you need a shirt we've got something that will fit you to a "T." (see what I did there? ;-)