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Brad Borch

Imagine Nation

Rewind: I had lots of musical exposure growing up: church choir, piano lessons, school band, talent shows, Christian rock band, college band. I've been “dinking” on guitar since I was 15, but I never felt I had anything new to say.


Fast forward: January 2020. I started recording a few of my songs as a “bucket list” project. I discovered a knack for songwriting, and with friends’ encouragement, I kept going... I now have over 60 songs online.

When COVID happened it became clear to me it was just an excuse for corporations and governments to capitalize on fear and seize more power, so many of my recent songs are about fighting tyranny. We are living in strange days indeed. Most peculiar mama.


But my message is simple: deep down we are all the same, and we must stop letting others divide us.


I really enjoy crafting lyrics, incorporating provocative ideas about life, consciousness, and faith. Musically I'm a chameleon, inspired by a beat or chord progression. I don't know if you'd call it freedom music or protest music — it's just what I feel I need to say. I like writing funky bluesy stuff with a heavy beat — but also beautiful or melancholy songs. Oh, and I also have a ton of freedom t-shirts I've designed.

I believe in music. It has the power to heal us, unite us, and to lift us up. During these crazy times we need to stay unified, positive, and support each other more than ever! It's a strange journey we're all on, and if you're game I'd love to share it with you.


I invite you to sign up and join the Imagine Nation (and I'll entice you with free songs!)

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